Sooo, how has life been going for you lately?  With the universe in a state of flux sometimes it seems as if our lives are tilted. Like the earth, we are off our axis.

I am a Life Coach and a Transformational Psychic. Relationship problems of any and every type plague all of us. Are you frustrated, angry, confused, sad or even depressed? Would you like real answers to real problems?  I am an experienced intuitive coach, and Earth Teacher if you will, a Pathfinder. With the economy the way it is things are constantly changing. Downsizing jobs, looking for new employment, strain on relationships and marriage-caused by financial pressure. Knowing how to balance this “new world” is key. Self-awareness and coping mechanisms have never been more important.

Life is a journey, a series of tests, if you will. It is how we handle these times that shape how comfortable we are with ourselves.

The advantage of my life coach training and psychic ability let’s us figure out your questions together.